We made it to Friday!

Despite Snowmageddon descending on Atlanta we all survived and it’s officially Friday! One word for that – Yay! We hope your snow experience wasn’t too bad and you’re all safe and warm at home!

So, what did happen at the Goethe-Zentrum this week I hear you all asking? Well look no further because here is a rundown!

MONDAY: Was a pretty quiet day at the Goethe-Zentrum! We got on with our day as usual and language classes took place in the evening!

TUESDAY: Started off pretty uneventful, we posted a review of the Hélène Berr Exhibition Opening on our blog and then the snow started! We quickly cancelled classes and started to make our way home…some of us made it in a few hours, others had to have unscheduled overnight stays and made it home 25 hours later, minus a car!


WEDNESDAY: We closed the Goethe-Zentrum due to the weather! We didn’t want anybody taking the risk of going outside in those conditions!

THURSDAY: Once again Snowmageddon meant we were forced to close the Goethe-Zentrum.

FRIDAY: That’s today and we’re back open! Yay!

So there you have it! What we thought would be a pretty uneventful, standard week turned into an experience most of us will never forget!

Happy Weekend everyone! Thankfully the temperatures should be higher and things will be back to normal! Phew!


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