Revealed: Where’s Goethe? #2

So, did you take a guess on where our little friend was hanging out this week? We gave you this picture of little Goethe:

Wheres Goethe 2
And all you had to do is guess where he was and the link to Germany. So, what was your guess? Did you think he was in the library or chilling with a glass of wine in a bar?

Well, if you said the glass of wine you wouldn’t be too far wrong – wine was involved with his adventure, we really need to keep a closer eye on him!

He was actually at our big event on Wednesday – The Goethe Family Circle Lifetime Giving Community Reception! Yes, he was mingling with our amazing supporters, donors and founding members, as we celebrated their involvement with the Goethe-Zentrum and welcomed our inaugural members into our Goethe Family Circle!

We think the little guy enjoyed himself – he didn’t really want to get back in his Stein once the event was over! Oh and he also spent some time hanging out with our 2013 Volunteer of the Year, David Kerr:

So, did you get it right? If you did, give yourself a pat on the back! Sadly, that’s as close as you’ll get to a real prize, this little game is just for fun!

Keep coming back to visit the blog though because we’ll have a review and lots of pictures from the Goethe Family Circle Lifetime Giving Community event on here soon!


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