The Week in Review!

How was your week blog lovers? It was pretty busy here at the Goethe-Zentrum, that’s for sure! As usual, we thought we’d give you a little run down of what has been happening over the last 7 days!

So, it looked a little like this:

MONDAY: Snowmageddon meant we were running a little behind! Argh! So we spent a lot of the day chasing people up to make sure they were aware of our big event taking place on Wednesday! Stay tuned for more on that one!

TUESDAY: Woah, this was a busy day! With the event looming and lots to prepare that was what we did, all day! We had picture frames to hang, decorations to sort out, wine to collect, glasses to sort…phew! A lot goes on behind the scenes!

WEDNESDAY: Event day! We hosted the Goethe Family Circle Lifetime Giving Community Reception, saying a big thank you to all our founding members, supporters and donors. We also welcomed our inaugural Goethe Family Circle members! We’ll bring you a full review and pictures from the event very soon! Needless to say it was a big success!

The inaugural members

The inaugural members

THURSDAY: Our Executive Director Miriam Bruns hosted a board or directors meeting in the Goethe-Zentrum auditorium, where our secretary, David Golden, was presented with his Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta Founding Member Certificate as he was unable to make the big event!

FRIDAY: After such a busy week, Friday was a bit quieter and more like a normal day at the Goethe-Zentrum! A breath of fresh air after such a manic week!

SATURDAY: Well, that’s today and the Bundesliga boys are in the auditorium right now, cheering as they watch their teams score goals! It makes them happy!

Have a good weekend people, whatever you are up to! Don’t forget to watch out for the review of the Goethe Family Circle event!


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