Welcome to the Weekend!

We made it folks – it’s officially the weekend! Yay! Are you suitably relaxed after a long week at work? We certainly hope so, especially after the Great Ice Storm of 2014 last week! And because of that ice storm we didn’t manage to get one of these review posts done, mostly because there wasn’t much to tell you apart from ‘we closed the Goethe-Zentrum because of the ice storm!’

This week, however, is another story! LOTS to fill you in on! So, here goes:

MONDAY: We basically played a little bit of catch up on Monday following that ice storm that stopped us all in our tracks!

TUESDAY: We hosted an event sponsored by the Greek Consulate of Atlanta and Georgia State University as part of our ‘Treffpunkt Goethe’ program that involved a series of lectures from academics from various institutions about Greece and Europe in Myth and History. Watch out for a review on this at the  beginning of next week!

We also managed to eat our way through 4 boxes of chocolates! Whoops!

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday was European Science Café night, this time looking at solar systems. Speaker Nicole Cabrera talked about the challenges of explaining Hot Jupiters and a new method that could help us understand their origins as well as the formation timescales for giant planets.

THURSDAY: Was a pretty standard day at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta – classes were held and it was business as usual in the office!

FRIDAY: Well that’s today and we’re excited – the weekend is around the corner! How can you not get excited about that! We also working hard before it arrives!

How was your week? Don’t forget to stop by for some more excitement at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta next week!


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