In Pictures: The 7th German Language Breakfast

Did you make it to our 7th German Language Breakfast? If you didn’t, here’s your chance to find out what happened, and, maybe encourage you to sign up for our next breakfast!

This event is part of our ongoing series of language breakfasts and saw 25 Goethe members head to Café Intermezzo in Midtown for a German style breakfast buffet, including various breads, cold sliced meats and cheese, boiled eggs, yoghurt and fresh berries whilst practicing their language skills and listening to a keynote speech.

The speaker was Irene Bailey of SOS-Children’s Villages International, a global relief organization that provides an on-going non-transitional home environment for orphaned and neglected children. There are only 3 institutions in the United States, but many more are located across the globe, mostly in Europe. Ms. Bailey is originally from Senegal, but was brought up in an SOS-Children’s Village in Germany. She now lives here in Atlanta and volunteers her time and energies to help SOS-Children’s Villages.

In her speech, Ms. Bailey talked about how SOS-Children’s Villages never separate siblings when placing children in homes. Part of their work is to help build stable employment for the children’s new parents. In places in the developing world where educational opportunities are limited, SOS-Children’s Villages open schools that are available to all local children, regardless of whether they are under their care or not. When children become a part of families in the developed world, they attend local schools, as was the case for Ms. Bailey.

Ms. Bailey also went on to tell us how the organization is using this year’s FIFA World Cup and the global popularity of soccer to raise funds to help with their work.

After filling up on the good German stuff and listening to Ms. Bailey, we all had to get off to work, but a fab time was had by everyone! We’re already looking forward to the next event!

Did you spot yourself in any of our pictures?


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