New Course: German Opera

That’s right people! We have a new course here at the Goethe-Zentrum for our spring term and it’s all about German opera!

Join our teacher David Kerr as he takes you on a tour of German opera and helps you to get to grips with it.

The goal of this course is to make opera novices more comfortable with German opera and to introduce something new to those already possessing some exposure to this subject. After establishing what exactly is “German opera,” this class will chronologically move through examples of the genre, beginning in the early 18th century and ending in the mid-20th century. The central focus throughout will be the operas themselves; the course will also place these works within the context of German and Central European history, society, and culture.

By listening to excerpts and viewing video productions during class time, students will learn what to listen for and ways to appreciate these operas. This course will also show examples of how German opera has been used in both film and commercials.

And the good part – you don’t have to have any pre-existing musical knowledge! Yep, you can sign up without knowing a thing about opera and music and David will show you the way!

The course will be taught in English. All course materials, including English translations of the operas’ texts, will be provided.

If you want more information about this course and how to sign up, click here.


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