In Pictures: 8th German Language Breakfast

Did you make it to our 8th German Language Breakfast last week? If you did, maybe you can spot yourself in some of our pictures? If not, here’s a handy little run down of the event – maybe it will persuade you to sign up for our next breakfast!

Language Breakfast 1

What happened…

The auditorium at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta was packed on Friday, 11th April 2014, when we hosted our 8th German Language Breakfast.

Around 30 people got out of bed early to enjoy a traditional German breakfast whilst brushing up on their German language skills and listening to our keynote speaker, the Consul General of Greece Vassilios Gouloussis.

The breakfast kicked off with an introduction from our Executive Director, Miriam Bruns, who, despite being a little unwell, welcomed our guests and introduced our keynote speaker.

Consul General of Greece Dr. Vassilios Gouloussis then took to the stage and began speaking about his experiences of learning the German language. He described how for him, it was an anomaly because the majority of his peers in Greece were learning French, but that didn’t deter him from taking on the language.

He went on to talk about how beneficial the language was for him and his legal studies, mainly because Greece and Germany have similar legal systems. He also described how learning the German language opened a door for him to learning other Germanic languages, specifically Swedish.

After talking about his experiences with the German language, Consul General Dr. Vassilios Gouloussis went on to talk about the challenges of the EU and how Greece, despite its economic downturn, is turning things around and making great improvements, as of the day before the language breakfast, 20 billion Euros has been added to the country’s economy.

But Consul General Gouloussis did say that he doesn’t think the EU has done everything right. For example, when Cyprus was invaded by Turkey back in the 1970s, the EU did not intervene, in his eyes this was a big mistake.

Following his speech, Consul General Gouloussis hosted a question and answer session from German and non-German guests.

Overall, a fantastic morning was had by all. Our guests started their day with traditional German delicacies, including various meats, cheese and breads along with yoghurt, fresh fruit and pastries, whilst listening to an innovative speaker and improving those all important German language skills.


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