In Pictures: World’s Best Ads Party!

Around 100 people packed into the Goethe-Zentrum auditorium on Friday, June 20, 2014 to watch a montage of the best commercials from around the world.

The evening got underway, as always, with an introduction from our executive director Miriam Bruns, and the executive director of the Alliance Française, Hélène Couralt-Touré, who explained how the night would pan out and talked about any upcoming events at both the Goethe-Zentrum and the Alliance Française.

Then the night got underway as people settled down to watch some of the funniest commercials from across the world. The crowd loved them and definitely found some of them amusing!

After 45 minutes we had a short break, giving people the chance to head out onto our terrace and grab some beer or cider, along with some snacks of cheese and crackers, vegetable platters and chips and of course the traditional German and French street food of currywurst and crepes.

After about 30 minutes people headed back into the auditorium to watch another 45 minutes of commercials before the party really got started! The drinks continued to flow, the crepes were still being eaten along with the currywurst, and our guests danced the night away!

Overall, this event was once again a big success! We’re already hoping we can host it again next year.


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