In Pictures: World Cup Final 2014 Viewing Party

We all believed it would happen and on Sunday our dream came true – Germany lifted the 2014 FIFA World Cup trophy after beating Argentina 1-0 in extra time.

photo 3
And here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, along with the German Consulate General in Atlanta, we celebrated it in style! Over 500 people packed into Colony Square’s food court and into our auditorium to watch the boys in action. There was a sea of Germany shirts, flags, and black, red and gold as we cheered those boys on to victory!

People started drifting into the food court a couple of hours before kick off to make sure they got a good seat. The place soon started to fill up, and people started heading to the auditorium with some even watching from the balcony above the food court, all desperate to see Germany score some winning goals and lift that coveted trophy.

Tensions were high but the atmosphere was exciting and electric! The beer was flowing, snacks were being devoured and there were a few nervous Germans around. There were collective gasps and shouts of ‘Nein’ as shots on goal were missed.

Suddenly, 90 minutes had passed and neither team had scored. Both the food court and the auditorium were pretty quiet with fans hoping and praying that Germany could score that all important goal in extra time. Surely the German team could pull it out of the bag? They’d got this far and they’d already had THAT game against Brazil. People were still pretty confident the World Cup would be heading to Germany.

The first half of extra time came and went without the score still 0-0. People were starting to think this final was going to go to penalties and their nerves were about to be tested to the max but suddenly, after 113 minutes of play, Mario Götze found the back of the net for Germany and the score was 1-0! The food court and the auditorium erupted! All 500 people were smiling from ear to ear, clapping and cheering, jumping up and down and celebrating the fact that Germany had just moved a step closer to winning the World Cup and getting a fourth star on their shirts. All they had to do now was keep Argentina from scoring for seven minutes.

The next seven minutes were a mixture of excitement and tension as Germany edged closer to the final whistle and Argentina tried their best to score a goal that would take the game to penalties. But, as the clock ticked over to 120 minutes, Germany were still winning, the final whistle blew and Germany became ‘der Weltmeister!’

The celebrations were huge, hundreds of people were jumping up and down, shouting things like ‘Super Deutschland’ and singing football songs, all eager to see the German team lift the World Cup, and then it happened…I don’t think you could have found a group of happier Germans in the world, well perhaps every German in the world looked just as happy but the atmosphere at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta was unbelievable!

An amazing afternoon was had by all at the Goethe-Zentrum, and, it was topped off by the fact Germany won the World Cup and became der Weltmeister! Things couldn’t have gone any better! Roll on 2018 so that we can do it all again!

But of course, none of this would have been possible without our amazing volunteers who helped to organize and make the day happen, pouring beer, moving tables and chairs, sorting out snacks…the list is endless! A HUGE thank you to them:

Were you there? What did you think of the day?

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