New Fall Course: What Makes Germans Tick?

Once again we’re offering something new for you lovely people this fall and it’s all about cross-cultural communication. It’s all about helping you to communicate better with those lovely Germans you work with, live next door to, are friends with or any other situation where you might come face to face with a friendly German.

Picture - Class Books

What Makes Germans Tick? Understanding German Culture in Multiple Contexts.

Whether you’ve been wondering what makes your German friends or colleagues tick for a long time, or whether you are taking your very first German language course this fall and are new to the culture – this one time, two-hour class might be for you!

Come and explore the values, attitude and beliefs Germans share and express in their day-to-day behavior – at work or in social contexts.

This class will offer:

An overview of why Germans “do what they do”, i.e., the values they share

  • Insight on how to build long-lasting relationships with your German colleagues and friends
  • Case studies analyzing differences in behaviors between Germans and Americans
  • Strategies for success at the German-US interface whether in the office, as a business traveler in Germany or when interacting with your German neighbors or friends

Interested? Here’s the deal:

When: Thursday, October 30, 2014
Time: 8:00 – 11:30am
Where: Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta
Cost: $75 for Goethe members, $95 for non-Goethe members (includes a light continental breakfast)

I’m sure you’re also wondering who is teaching this course, right? Well look no more:

Rita Wuebbeler
Picture - Wuebbeler
Rita Wuebbeler, President of INTERGLOBE Cross-Cultural Business Services, Inc. has been in the business of teaching people how to communicate across cultures effectively for over 25 years.

Born in Germany and having lived on both sides of the Atlantic for equal amounts of time, she has a keen understanding of the cultural differences between Germans and Americans and has made it her life’s work to help individuals and organizations become more effective at navigating the cultural divide.

For more information:, or 404-915-2340.

So, what are you waiting for? Register and reserve your place now by clicking here and start learning exactly why your German friends and colleagues do things they way they do and how you can bridge that cultural divide and communicate better with them ro increase your productivity and success rate as well as build better friendships in both a personal and professional capacity.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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