GA Gives Day: 10 Reasons to Give to Goethe

GA Gives

Georgia Gives Day is two weeks away (Tuesday, 13th November, 2014) and we’d love to be the non-profit in Georgia that you decide to give some of your spare cash to. Probably, without you even knowing it, you are connected to a non-profit organization in some way, shape or form in your life. Georgia Gives Day is an initiative to help support and praise these non-profits for everything they do in society. So, we’re asking you to share some of your love with the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, no matter how big or small the donation is, every little helps.

And, if you’re struggling to make a decision on whether or not to give to us, here’s a handy little list of reasons why you should give to the Goethe, we enlisted a few of our supporters to help too!

1. Support a cause that makes Georgia Great!

This is the whole idea behind Georgia Gives Day – supporting a cause that makes our state great and we think we do just that. We are at the center of the international cultural scene. We host a series of events that involve the whole community, teach German lessons that enrich lives and help with careers and support our fellow international colleagues wherever we can.

2. With your donations, we can do so much better.

There’s always something happening at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, whether it’s a movie screening, Bundesliga Breakfast, artist reading or our annual wine tasting event. None of these would be possible without your donations, and, with those donations we can make these events even better and add more to our calendar. We’re always looking for ways to expand, build new relationships within the local community and reach out to more people, but this can only be made possible with money, and they only way we get cash is through donations.

3. It allows us to implement and grow our cultural program.

Cultural events are a huge part of the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta and what it stands for. Part of our mission is to foster cultural relationships between German-speaking and American people to promote a better understanding of German culture. We’re very proud of our cultural program, whether it’s a new exhibit, staged reading or art exhibition, but we’re always striving to make it bigger and better.

“The Goethe-Zentrum is increasingly a vibrant ‘Center’ of Atlanta’s international
cultural scene.”
Peter Halpaus / IFF, Inc,
Founding Member “German Language Institute”
Goethe-Zentrum Board Member

Its this perception and mission that we want to continue with and grow. We want to be as big a part of the international cultural scene in Atlanta as possible.

4. More and more people can study German.

It’s a proven fact that being bi-lingual makes you more intelligent. At the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta we teach German to hundreds of students every year, each with their own reason why they decided to take up the language. It’s an integral part of our day-to-day life, and, without it, we wouldn’t be fulfilling our mission.

“I always said learning German would pay off and it has!
The confidence of being able to converse in a language is
rewarding. I’ve been surprised at the number of German and
international people in Georgia. A by-product has been
opening up professional contacts that I otherwise wouldn’t
have had the opportunity to meet.”
Douglas Justice / Student at the Goethe-Zentrum,
Goethe-Zentrum Board Member since 2014

It’s all up there people, learning German can open doors you never thought we possible, and, with the huge amount of German companies residing in Georgia right now, maybe now is the time? We feel our language courses are definitely helping our local community and we hope that can continue for years to come!

5. We support local schools.

The earlier you start learning German, the better. That’s why we’re supporting local schools in their quest to keep languages on the agenda. Many are scrapping language classes but, we’re behind those who want to keep them 100 per cent. We head out into schools and talk about how important language learning is and what doors it can open. We’re encouraging the next generation to keep studying German and broaden their horizons – we all know being bi-lingual ups that intelligence! It’s important we target these youngsters before they leave German behind forever!

6. We’re a great meeting place for the community.

We’re centrally located in midtown Atlanta, at the heart of the cultural community making the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta a great place to stop by and say hello. Through our Treffpunkt-Goethe program, other organizations use our space as a meeting place. We host several events with our cultural partners and have great space that we utilize well, depending on the event. During the 2014 Soccer World Cup, thousands of people passed through our doors to catch a glimpse of our national team’s campaign to lift the cup. This quote from one of our supporters describes it perfectly:

“I just love how Goethe-Zentrum is the great meeting
place for everyone from students starting their first
German class to high school teachers to Consul Generals
to dignitaries from the Adenauer family. It’s the best
meeting point of all things German! Sort of
like a very fancy Ratskeller with fantastic staff and leadership.
Maybe that’s how I see it: Atlanta’s Ratskeller!” 
Jon Valentine / Director of Foreign Languages,
Gwinnett County School District

7. We have big plans for the future.

Like everybody, we have our sights set on big things in our future. We want to host countless more events, reach out to more students, either through our language courses or by heading out into local schools. We want to see our supporter base grow even more and make sure everybody is catered for.

“The Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta provides exemplary
services to the  
highest quality level to a growingly
interested and engaged German
American community.
Thanks to a highly qualified and dedicated
leadership and
incredibly committed volunteers the German Cultural
has successfully established position as THE German
cultural and
language institution in Atlanta, Georgia
and the Southeast. Yet, the
Geothe-Zentrum is still operating
on a shoestring budget and needs
all the support it can get!”
Dr. Eike Jordan / Founding Member “German Language Institute”
Goethe-Zentrum Board Member

We want to continue to be THE German cultural and language institute in Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast!

8. We’re promoting a positive perception of Germany.

Our aim is to make sure German is portrayed positively and people have a better understanding of it as a country, its history and its culture. Whether this is through an exhibition, theatrical play, a conference or a reading, we make sure the theme of the event always sheds a positive light on modern Germany.

“The Goethe-Zentrum is a thriving organization where
everybody can experience Germany’s culture, successfully
learn the German language, and enjoy regular soccer games,
movies and entertainment while getting to know German within
the larger context of European life. It is very successful
in promoting a better appreciation of the German culture and
language with long-lasting and sometimes life-changing effects  
on the personal development and professional careers
of the student.”
Simone Alting / 

9. It’s a place you can give back to the community.

At the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta we have a highly dedicated team of volunteers who help us to be who we are. They do everything from helping to host events, to making phone calls, writing addresses on envelopes and emptying the bins! Without them we would not be able to operate the way we do, but, without financial support there wouldn’t be a place for these people to give back to their community.

“The Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta feels like a second
home to me. Everyone is always happy to see one
another, hugs are exchanged, jokes are told, but the German
language and culture is always the core.”
Zach Braswell / Student and volunteer at the Goethe-Zentrum

10. We can keep the lights on!

Just like every other organization in this city, we have bills too! The only way we can pay those bills, like you, is by having some cash in the bank. And the only way we get cash is through donations! We need to make sure we have electricity, pay our rent and keep the place cool with air conditioning just like you!



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