IN PICTURES; October at the Goethe!

October at Goethe

Phew! It’s been a pretty busy October around these parts so we thought we’d give you the run-down on anything you might have missed! It’s been non-stop here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta with events happening here, there and everywhere! If you came along to any of them, maybe you can spot yourself in one of the pictures?

Ready for the review? Ok, here goes!

German Career Day

We kicked the month off on October 2nd with the German Career Day “Mit Deutsch Karriere Machen (Career Opportunities with the German Language).” Organized by the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, we headed out into several Greater Atlanta schools to talk to the students. Representatives from the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta teamed up with the Georgia Department of Education, the German Consulate General and business leaders from several German companies to highlight the benefits of learning German and it’s growing importance as a language of commerce and business in both Europe and the Southeast. Students were told about the many opportunities for scholarships and programs that are available to them if they have a solid knowledge of the German language and culture.

Parkview High School, Lambert High School, The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Whitewater High School and Sandy Creek High School were the first to participate. We’re hoping to continue with this in the coming weeks.

Sandy Creek High School (8)

Whitewater High School

DYKO performs at the Goethe

As part of the German Career Day, one of German’s best known electro-pop artists Dyko performed at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta. Dyko, who musically and visually reflects his fascination with German everyday-life culture in his very own style of Electro-pop, sees himself as a cultural ambassador.

On stage, Dyko combined his lyrics with graphically abstract and realistic projections. Some of his background visuals are taken from the language course video “Kontakte” (“Contacts”) from the 1970’s, which made his concert seem partly like a “throw back in time” musical German course. The connection of language and visual scenes from “Kontakte” brought about elementary and repetitive text structures, which were easy to understand, especially for learners at the beginners’ level.

The German Career Day extended into Friday with a visit to Haynes Bridge Middle School, where representatives from the Goethe-Zentrum and an exciting performance/ workshop by Dyko ended the first round of German Career Day events.

Dyko at HBMS

German language after school program is launched

This month saw the start of something new at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta as we kicked off our after school language immersion program. Taking place at White Oak Elementary School and Lanier Middle School, both in Suwanee, Georgia this 10 week program aims to introduce students to many different aspects of learning German and the doors it can open. Students will gain an expanded world view,, the ability to easily learn more languages, a competitive edge in future markets and the global marketplace, and a greater intercultural appreciation.

European Science Café – The Substance – Albert Hoffman’s LSD

Around 120 people packed into the Goethe-Zentrum auditorium when we hosted the latest installment of the European Science Café. Entitled “The Substance – Albert Hoffman’s LSD,” this event focussed on Swiss writer-director Martin Witz’s informative and entertaining investigation in to the history of a drug so potent, that mere fractions of a milligram can alter a subject’s perception of reality. The drug was first synthesized back in 1943 at the Sandoz chemical-pharmaceutical laboratories in Basel, Switzerland by chemist Albert Hoffman in his search for a respiratory and circulatory stimulant.

Fixed picture

The event featured discussions led by Karen Rommelfanger, PhD Neuroethics Program Director, Center for Ethics, Assistant Professor, Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University and, Paul Boshears, PhD Candidate, Europäische Universität für Interdisziplinäre Studien, Saas Fee, Switzerland. It was followed by a wine and cheese reception.

A Word on Art – Fre Ilgen

Our “A Word on Art” series also continued this month with a lecture presented by Berlin artist Fre Ilgen at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta on “The Artist: Genuine Creativity and Cultural Identity.” We were expecting about 25 people to show up but nearly 40 walked through the doors! Local artists and art students from the Atlanta area found the topic new and provocative.

Mr. Ilgen came to Atlanta as a part of his United States tour. He lectured at Stony Brook University, SBU Manhattan, on “The Artist: Pleasure, Happiness and Suffering,” introducing “Bodiness” as a new concept for whole mind/body involvement in art. He also lectured at American University in Washington, DC, on “The Artist: Genuine Creativity and (Cultural) Identity.” In November he will tour Hong Kong and other countries in Asia, making presentations on similar topics.




Georgia Tech Career Fair

We’ve definitely been out and about this month. Following on from our German Career Day, we hosted a booth at the German Career Day Fair at Georgia Tech University. It was another chance for us to get out into the community and spread the word about how important it is to learn a second language and what doors it can open for you. The professional benefits of learning German are definitely interesting for college students like the ones we spoke to at Georgia Tech. The students were exposed to the Goethe’s volunteer and internship program, as well as our German language classes and examinations.


The Multi-Cultural Festival

Towards the end of the month we were out in the community again, this time at the 2014 Multicultural Festival. Held just outside Colony Square, it was another chance for us to reach out into the local community and share what we have to offer. We spoke about our language courses, the various different events coming up in the next couple of months and how we hope to expand even more as we progress into next year.

What Makes German’s Tick?

We ended the month with a new course at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta. Taught by Rita Wuebbler, President of Interglobe Cross-Cultural Business Services, Inc.  it focussed on understanding German culture in multiple contexts, exploring the values, attitude and beliefs Germans share and express in their day-to-day behavior – at work or in social contexts. Students looked into how to build long-lasting relationships with their German colleagues and friends, analyzed differences in behaviors between Germans and Americans and talked about strategies for success at the German-US interface, whether in the office, as a business traveler in Germany or when interacting with their German neighbors and friends.

See, we told you we’d been busy this month! Were you at any of the events? What did you think of them? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!

Things don’t seem to be slowing down too much at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta next month either, in just over a week our annual European Wine Tasting event takes place to kick off the month. If you haven’t got our tickets yet, make sure you sign up by clicking here!


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