OUTREACH: Germany Unwrapped & Georgia State German Convention

We’ve definitely been getting out and about and into the community this month, reaching out to school kids across Georgia and spreading the word that German is important! So much so, that we thought you might like a little update about what we’ve been getting up to, of course, there are pictures too!

Germany Unwrapped at Whitewater High School, Fayetteville, GA.

Last Thursday, January 29, 2014, we headed to Whitewater High School in Fayetteville to see Herr Wallace and his students. The school hosted the Goethe-Zentrum sponsored Germany Unwrapped exhibition and used it in their classes.

The traveling exhibition stopped at 2 places in Georgia (the Atlanta International School and Whitewater High School) before heading off around the U.S. It consisted of two huge cases with many built-in activities for students, including a game to better get to know Germany’s major cities, garden gnomes that show people’s serious or humorous opinions, an exploration of Germany’s medieval and romantic sides, astonishing answers to frequently asked questions, and beauty and eccentricities of the German language and its potential to express complex feelings.


Herr Wallace used the exhibition in a series of classes over the course of the week, giving his students the chance to explore a little more of Germany. We participated in 2 of his classes, talking to the students and telling them all about the Goethe-Zentrum and what we do.

It was great to see the students interacting with the exhibition and learning a little bit more about Germany and the importance of learning the language and how this could benefit them with their careers.

Georgia State German Convention 2015 with Dyko

On Friday, January 30, 2015, we headed to the 2015 AATG Georgia State German Convention, taking with us electro-pop artist Dyko to perform at a special concert for the students, over 330 were there to see him perform.

Before the show, we spoke to the children about German and how important learning a second language is, especially German in this region. We handed out t-shirts with the famous umlaut vowels on and, of course, talked to them about the Goethe-Zentrum!

Dyko is one of the best known German Electro-Pop artists. Devoted to Synthi-Pop und New Wave, he is inspired by artists such as Kraftwerk, David Bowie and Depeche Mode. In his work, he focuses on the development of the sound from that era.

Dyko, who musically and visually reflects his fascination with German everyday-life culture in his very own style of Electro-Pop, sees himself as a cultural ambassador. On stage, he combines his lyrics with graphically abstract and realistic projections. Some of his background visuals are taken from the language course video “Kontakte” (“Contacts”) from the 1970’s, which make his concerts seem partly like a musical German course. The connection of language and visual scenes from “Kontakte” brings about elementary and repetitive text structures, which are easy to understand, especially for learners at the beginners’ level.

He was definitely a hit with the students:

All in all we reached out to nearly 400 German students in Georgia this month, spreading the word and encouraging them to keep up with their German studies – a job well done if you ask us!

We’re you at either of these events? What did you think?


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