IN PICTURES: Goethe Family Circle Event 2015

Wednesday, 4th February, 2015 was a night of celebration here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, when we held our second Goethe Family Circle event, welcoming our newest member to the Lifetime Giving Society.

The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes the outstanding support and donations these patrons and partners have given throughout their lifetime – without them, the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta wouldn’t be here today. We feel this is something that has to be honored and shared with our members, friends and the local community.

So, once again, we opened our doors and got everybody together in one room to celebrate, including member and supporters, delegates, local business leaders and members of Atlanta’s German-American community, all of whom have some sort of connection and involvement with the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta.

We wanted to show our members, supporters, students and friends just how much we value their support and how, without it, we would not be where we are today. Their support keeps the Goethe-Zentrum alive, so, with the help of a few drinks and canapés, the evening got underway.

Our Executive Director, Miriam Bruns kicked things off with a welcome and huge, heartfelt thank you to every person in the room, explaining how, without their help, none of what we do would be possible. She talked about our achievements in 2014, major events we’ve held including an eye witness account from Thomas Raufeisen, several exhibits and stage readings and of course, the FIFA World Cup Final screening which brought more than 500 people through our doors!

Then the spotlight was put onto the incredible staff members and volunteers here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, who dedicate hours and hours of their time to make sure this place is running smoothly, events are organised and made possible, questions are answered and problems solved.

Next at the podium was The Hon. Mr Christoph Sander, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Atlanta, who spoke about the great achievements of the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, and how important our supporters are. This led us to the next part of the evening, welcoming our newest member into the Goethe Family Circle. To help with this, one of our inaugural members stepped up to the podium, Dr. Bruce S. Allen. These patrons and partners have played a very important role in making sure the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta is able to do what it does each and every day – their outstanding contributions keep the wheels in motion and enable us to carry out our mission in Atlanta. Our newest member to this elite group is, Mrs. Liesl Kii who was promptly presented with a certificate and flowers, before being joined by her fellow Family Circle members and toasted with a glass of prosecco:

Next, we thanked and honored our volunteers. These people give up their time to help us to achieve our goals, get our message out there and become a central part of the cultural hub in Atlanta. This means they do everything from manning the front desk, helping to set up and staff events, sort out the library, help with our programs and even take out the trash – somebody’s got to do it! These people are central to the way our organization works, without them, we wouldn’t be able to function, for them, we are extremely grateful.


The evening continued as our friends and supporters chatted with each other, caught up with old friends and made some new ones.

A great time was had by all! All that is left to say one more time is – Thank You!


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