IN PICTURES – Piano Battle: Combat on the Keys 2015

Last week, two internationally recognized pianists came back to Atlanta and this is what happened. Paul Cibis and Andreas Kern brought their Piano Battle to the Rialto Center for the Arts last week and around 400 people stopped by to enjoy the show!

Here’s how it goes, there are two pianists, six rounds of classical music, we’re talking Chopin vs. Liszt, Debussy vs. Schubert, you get the picture! Black takes on White in an effort to become the first across the finish line, and who decides that? Yes, it’s the audience!

The event started with a welcome from the Hon. Christoph Sander, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Atlanta and our Executive Director, Miriam Bruns before Paul and Andreas got behind their pianos and started to play. Both pianos were set up towards the back of the stage, once a pianist claimed a round, they moved their piano forward slightly, heading towards that coveted spot at the other side of the finishing line.

The battle begun, Paul (Black) and Andreas (White) took to the keys and the audience started to vote, black began taking the lead and tensions were high on stage.

Then the guys needed a little help from the audience and picked out four people, two for Team Black and two for Team White. Then came the ping pong bats and balls! The pianists played with one hand, hit the ping pong ball with the other and aim to get it into their opponents piano, one of the audience members then had to collect them and pop them into a tube – first one to fill the tube wins the round! And the round, once again, went to Black!

White was now starting to lag behind a little and getting frustrated, but, all that was about to change! With some piano playing trickery using all his body, including his feet, White started to fight back! Then came the suggestions from the audience, again, another round won by White! It was now neck and neck, the last round would decide who would be the winner of Piano Battle Atlanta, 2015.

The pianists played their final round, the audience voted: White was victorious and Andreas Kern was crowned the winner!


But, the evening didn’t end there! After the show, we held a special VIP reception for the pianists and our special guests who chatted over some wine and appetizers. A great night was had by all, we’re already hoping Paul and Andreas are back for more next year!

Did you attend the event? What did you think?


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  1. Charlotte Nicholson

    So fun! Hope to see them back!

  2. Great event! These guys are really talented!

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