IN PICTURES: February at the Goethe!

Phew – February was a busy, busy month here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta! We had event, after event, after event and loved every minute of it! So, in case you missed out, we thought we would give you a little run down and review of what’s been going on. If you were there, you might spot yourself in a picture, if you weren’t maybe you need to add the date to your diary for next year!

February at the Goethe

Goethe Family Circle Event

We kicked off the month with our annual Goethe Family Circle event. This event is always a big celebration, and, on Wednesday 4th February, 2015, we opened out doors and welcomed the newest member to the Lifetime Giving Society – Mrs. Liesl Kii.

The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes the outstanding support and donations these patrons and partners have given throughout their lifetime – without them, the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta wouldn’t be here today. We feel this is something that has to be honored and shared with our members, friends and the local community.

We also used this event to honor our volunteers as without them, most of the things we do here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta would not be possible. They give up hours and hours of their time and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful.

Click here to see more pictures from this event.

Georgia Skills Road Show

We showed our support for a new program in Georgia – the Georgia Skills Road Show. We headed down to Fayetteville for the kick-off event of this new initiative that aims to encourage teenagers to take up work based placements. The road show is designed to highlight work skills needed now and in the future and to initiate discussion on how businesses and schools can build partnerships that will allow students to get skills-based instruction in real-world settings. The partnerships will also provide businesses with potential employees. Presentations were made by German-based manufacturers Grenzebach, who already take on students, Atlanta Technical College and Go Build Georgia amongst others. It’s hoped the initiative will raise the importance of apprenticeships in Georgia.

Anniversary of the Elysée Treaty: Diplomacy Screening

January 22, 2015 marked 52 years since the signing of the Elysée Treaty and we obviously wanted to do something to celebrate! The Treaty signaled the start of a new partnership and friendship between France and Germany and,over the last 50 years, has become the engine that drives the European Union. It was instrumental in making the EU the success that it is today. So, along with our friends over at the Alliance Française, we hosted the screening of the film ‘Diplomacy.’ The event also included a presentation entitled, ‘From Paris to Verdun’ by John Krige of the School of History, Technology and Science at GA Tech.

A Note on Opera: They really do live happily ever after.

Next up came A Note on Opera: They really do live happily ever after. In honor of Valentine’s Day, our teacher, David Kerr, explored two works, Giacomo Puccini’s “The Girl of the Golden West” and Richard Strauss’s “Arabella.” He talked about how the lead couples were mature individuals instead of dreamy-eyed youngsters.  As this is still opera, though, they naturally had to overcome some hurdles, be they creditors, suspicion of infidelity, or even a lynch mob.  Nevertheless, in the end the couples stayed together.  And still alive.

Piano Battle: Combat on the Keys

Then came our biggest event of the month – Piano Battle: Combat on the Keys. We welcomed back international pianists, Paul Cibis and Andreas Kern who brought their Piano Battle to the Rialto Center for the Arts and around 400 people stopped by to enjoy the show. Here’s how it goes, there are two pianists, six rounds of classical music, we’re talking Chopin vs. Liszt, Debussy vs. Schubert, you get the picture! Black takes on White in an effort to become the first across the finish line, and who decides that? Yes, it’s the audience! After 5 rounds the competition was neck and neck, but White took victory in the last round! We followed the performance with a VIP reception –  a great night was had by all!

You can see more pictures from this fantastic event by clicking here.

The Nuremberg Trials – An historical overview of the Memorium Exhibition, past and present.

One of our last events of February was ‘The Nuremberg Trials – An historical overview of the Memorium Exhibition, past and present,’ hosted by Arnall Golden Gregory LLP. Guest speaker Henricke Claussen M.A., Curator “Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse” at the Museen der Stadt Nürnberg gave a fascinating presentation about the exhibition and The Nuremberg Trials. Opening remarks were given by Teri Simmons, Chair of the Atlanta Sister Cities Commission, Sean Atkins, Chair of the Atlanta-Nuremberg Committee, Bettina Gardner, International Project Manager at the Officer of Mayor Kasim Reed, City of Atlanta and our Executive Director, Miriam Bruns. A great evening was had by all!


Reception at the Swiss Consul’s Residence

Finally, our Board Members were invited to a reception at the Swiss Consul’s Residence. Andreas Maager, Consul General of Switzerland, invited our Board Members for dinner and drinks and a lovely evening was had by all.


See, we told you it was busy! We’re guessing March will be much the same, starting with our Spieleabend on Friday! Make sure you don’t miss out – we look forward to seeing you at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta soon!


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