DONATE: Giving to Goethe: End-Year Campaign

End Year Campaign 2015

To our loyal members, supporters and friends,

Thank you for keeping us in Atlanta!  Thanks to you we will celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2016!  Your contributions, attendance in classes and participation in cultural events has truly made this your Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta.

We opened our doors as a Goethe Institut (GI) in 1976 and, until 2007, were primarily funded by the German government.  At that time, due to budget cuts, some world-wide GI branches were closed; in our case Germany no longer supported our operations. But you, our friends and donors, wanted us here.  With your support and patronage, the Goethe-Zentrum has thrived as a nonprofit organization, and we continue to serve as the official cultural and language representative of Germany in Atlanta and the Southeast.

As a patron and donor you enjoy cultural opportunities at the Goethe-Zentrum that are not available elsewhere:  German films, lectures, historical exhibits, author readings, staged dramatic readings and art exhibits.  And don’t forget our ever popular Bundesliga soccer breakfasts and the annual European Wine Tasting.  Your support enables us to expand our reach by offering some of these cultural programs to partner organizations in North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.

In 2016 look for more and even better programs and offerings.  You’ve told us you’d like to see more exhibits, guest speakers, musical offerings and galas.  Stay with us next year and see what our 40th anniversary holds.

Please keep us in Georgia for many years to come and consider a generous gift this season to help us prepare for our 40th anniversary.


Thank you – we look forward to celebrating 40 years of Goethe in Atlanta with you!


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