IN PICTURES: March at the Goethe!

After a busy start to the year, in comparison, March was a little quieter here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta but that doesn’t mean that nothing happened – quite the opposite! Ready for your monthly rundown of the goings-on at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta? Here goes!

March at the Goethe 2016

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

At the beginning of March, our Executive Director Miriam Bruns, introduced a film at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, the final of three introductions during the festival. This event featured the film ‘Naked Among Wolves’ directed by Philipp Kadelbach. This gave us a great chance to partner with the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival which showcases some fantastic films and adds another dimension to the international community in Atlanta.

American Association of Teachers of German PAD Interviews

Next up, as part of our Treffpunkt Goethe program, we hosted the American Association of Teachers of German as they carried out their interviews for their Pädagogischer Austauschdienst Study Trip Awards. This gives high school students the opportunity to study in Germany for 3-4 weeks. Students attend classes at an academic high school, stay in homestays, and participate in various excursions to places of cultural significance. It was a great chance to open our doors to members of the German community.

A Note on Opera: Richard Strauss’s “Elektra”

March saw the latest installment of our A Note on Opera series with guests learning about Richard Strauss’s “Elektra.” “Elektra” was the first collaboration between Strauss and the great German-language playwright, the Austrian Hugo von Hoffmansthal. Their opera is a raw and brutal adaptation of the Greek legend about the doomed House of Agamemnon. Departing from its ancient Greek sources, the opera’s sole focus is Elektra’s violent, bloodthirsty obsession with avenging her father’s murder by her mother. Its lead role is arguably the most demanding in the dramatic soprano repertoire, requiring a voice that can at times pierce through and at others soar over a 121-piece orchestra. Once again, a fantastic evening was had by all! April’s lecture is on Monday, April 11 at 6:30pm and will see the class discussing Charles Gounod’s “Faust.” If you’re interested in registering, click here.

German Contemporary Author Christopher Kloeble

In March we welcomed German contemporary author Christopher Kloeble to the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta as part of his book tour for his debut U.S. novel, ‘Almost Everything, Very Fast.’ First stop for Mr. Kloeble was Whitewater High School where he read excerpts from his book to German students who went on to ask him various questions and get involved in a great discussion about the book.

Whitewater 1

Next on the list was a lunch with our weekly literature class. Students discussed the book over lunch asking some very interesting questions and producing a vibrant discussion.

Then came the author reading in an intimate setting in our library. Mr. Kloeble started by introducing himself and gave a little history on his career before reading 2 excerpts from the book which were enjoyed immensely by our guests. After that came some questions before a small reception that saw guests chatting to Mr. Kloeble one-on-one and getting copies of the book signed.

American Association of Teachers of German – South Carolina

Next in March we attended the American Association of Teachers of German South Carolina Chapter Annual Meeting. This was a great chance for us to meet some enthusiastic, highly talented teachers of German in South Carolina who we hope to be able to partner with in the future to help further our mission in South Carolina.

The 1st Annual Bach’s Birthday Bash!

March also saw the 1st Annual Bach’s Birthday Bash when we partnered with The Bach Society of Atlanta for a young musicians concert to celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday. Guests enjoyed a musical performance presented by The William Pu Music Academy String Players with 11 year old Zach Tseng on violin and The Clift Quartet featuring Erika Clift on violin, Amy Clift on cello, Monica Chang on violin, and Lesley Chang also on violin. A fantastic afternoon of music was enjoyed by all – there was definitely a lot of young musical talent in the room!

Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta Book Club – March Meeting

Our book club met as usual in March with another vibrant and exciting discussion, this time focusing on the book “Islands of the Dying Light” by Rolf Lappert who visited the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta back in 2013. To celebrate our 40th anniversary, our book club meetings in 2016 will discuss authors who have been our guests here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, and literature centered Goethe and his contemporary’s. Next month we’re looking at Thomas Raufeisen’s “Der Tag, am dem unser Vater erzaehlte, dass er ein DDR-Spion sei.” If you’re interested in joining the book club, please email Mrs. Liesl Kii at

Georgia Skills Roadshow – Kennesaw State University

The final event of March saw us attending the latest Georgia Skills Roadshow at Kennesaw State University. This is an initiative to encourage students to look into different opportunities other than college such as apprenticeships and help them to realize how important learning German could be to them. This roadshow consisted of a career fair where we talked to hundreds of students about what we do here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta and how having German on their résumé can help them when they come to apply for jobs in the future.

Kennesaw 1

And that was March! Another successful month at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta that saw us welcoming new people through our doors, getting out into the community and hosting various cultural events – phew!

Watch out for more exciting events coming soon – especially our 40th anniversary celebrations that include a 70s party and a ball! It’s definitely going to be a busy year!


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