IN PICTURES: September at the Goethe!

When we said we were starting our fall programs with a bang, we meant it! September was one busy month! We kicked everything off with the Goethe 40th Birthday Ball at the end of August and then went straight into a very busy September! Ready to hear all about it? Make yourself a coffee and curl up on the sofa, it’s time to read September’s blog!


A Word on Art: Walker Evans’s “Depth of Field”

We kicked off September with a docent led tour of Walker Evans’s “Depth of Field” exhibition at the High Museum of Art Atlanta. A small number of Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta members had to chance to take an in-depth look at the work which presented one of the most comprehensive assessments to date of the influential photographer’s powerful career. This exhibition documented the Depression-era American landscape. With his watchful eye and canny sense of composition, Evans transfigured the ordinary so that familiar objects-a post office, a barber shop-revealed readily overlooked characteristics.



A Note on Opera:  Arrigo Boïto’s “Mefistofele”

Next up came our monthly opera lecture which saw students looking at Arrigo Boïto’s “Mefistofele,” the opera that, of all the adaptations of Goethe’s “Faust” was the most faithful to the text. Rather than re-write the story of “Faust,” he lifts parts directly from Goethe’s play. And having a great sense of theatre, he shifts the focus away from that of Faust himself and instead tells the story from Mephistopheles’s perspective. “Mefistofele” sadly remains on the fringes of the repertoire, but fortunately the title role is so irresistible to great basses that productions aren’t too rare. October’s lecture is taking place on Monday, October 10, 2016 when we’ll be looking at Jules Massenet’s “Werther” – for more information and to register, click here.

Mathematics You Can Touch – Math Exihibition

For 2 weeks in September, we hosted a math exhibition from the Mathematikum museum in Gießen, Germany. The exhibit gave visitors a new outlook on math, with 20 hands-on interactive stations which didn’t just look at solving number problems, but focused on other things like mirrors, music, building bridges, prisms and much more!

Midtown International School – Visit 1

The first group of people to visit the exhibition joined us from the Midtown International School. Students spent time working their way around the exhibit and took part in a German immersion class.

Midtown International School – Visit 2

The following day a second class from the Midtown International School tried their luck solving the puzzles…

Family Day

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, we opened the math exhibit up for a family day! Over 250 people walked through the doors to check out the exhibition and try to solve all the stations! The exhibit was perfect for people of all ages from young children to adults – it was great to see so many people come through the doors!

The family day also involved a lecture from Dr. Dirk Schlingmann from the University of South Carolina Upstate who talked about how math can make music and how the two relate to each other:

And we ended with a concert from German electro-pop artist DYKO:

Ashford Park Elementary School Visit

And finally, before the math exhibit moved on to our colleagues in San Francisco, we had a visit from 80 students at Ashford Park Elementary School. Some of the students were learning German, making this an even better opportunity for them! The students loved the exhibit and attempting to solve all the puzzles!

European Science Café: Goethe and Newton – A Scientific Discourse on the Theory of Colors

September also saw another edition of the European Science Café series, this one with a Goethe inspired theme to tie in with our 40th anniversary celebrations. Entitled “Goethe and Newton: A Scientific Discourse on the Theory of Colors” guests listened to a lecture by historian Dr. Kenneth Knoespel, McEver Professor of Engineering and the Liberal Arts, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Knoespel looked at how Goethe spent years trying to prove Newton’s Opticks publication wrong, eventually releasing the “Theory of Colors.”

Climate Diplo Day 2016

A day later, we celebrate Climate Diplo Day with the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Altlanta, the British Consulate General Atlanta and the French Consulate General in Atlanta with the screening of the film “Thule/Tuvalu.” This was followed by a panel discussion with panelists Detlev Ruenger, German Consul General, Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, British Consul General and Louis De Corail, French Consul General and Daniel Rochberg from Climate @ Emory Initiative.

Georgia State University World Languages Day

Next up, we had a both at the Georgia State University World Languages Day. This gave us a chance to meet with students and talk about how learning German can help to further their career and enhance their employment prospects.


Movie Night: Young Goethe in Love

September also saw the return of a movie night here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta. This was another Goethe inspired program to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Guests watched Phillip Stölzl’s “Young Goethe in Love” and listened to introductory remarks from Dr. Martin Kagel, Professor of Germanic Studies at the University of Georgia.

Woodward Academy Award Ceremony

Next up we headed to Woodward Academy to congratulate students and present them with certificates for their Goethe-Institut exams. It was great to see so many young people involved in German and German language learning. We wish them a bright future where we hope German is involved!

Career Day – Dunwoody High School

September also saw the return of Career Days. This is when we go into high schools and talk to students about who we are and how learning German can benefit them in their future careers. We also take business representatives to speak to students so that they can hear first hand, how businesses often choose candidates who have a second language on their résumé above those who don’t. Our first career day was at Dunwoody High School:


European Day of Languages 2016

On Thursday, September 29, 2016, along with our colleagues at the Alliance Française d’Atlanta, we celebrated the European Day of Languages 2016. This year, we focused on the theme Language Proficiency & Cultural Competency: Where do they take us? Guests, which included business leaders and foreign language students, listened to a captivating keynote speech from Jon Valentine, Director of Foreign Languages, Gwinnett County Public Schools, who talked about how learning a second or third language broadens your world view and can have a big impact on your future education and career. This was followed by a panel discussion with panelists Nikki Kiefer from Mercedes-Benz, John Wilson, Associate VP International Programs at the University of North Georgia, Germán Suárez, Supervisor – World Languages & Dual Language Immersion Programs, Cobb County School District and Raymond Jennings, former intern at the Alliance Française d’Atlanta which left guests feeling enlightened and positive about what their future could hold.

TEASE Part II: Transatlantic Exhibition of Art in the South East

And finally, we ended September with a one-night only, pop-up art exhibition showcasing the talents of artists from both Germany and the US. Regine Bechtler, Jochen Pankrath, Jane Allen Nodine and Kati von Schwerin exhibited their work at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta along with a selection of paintings from Atlanta-based artist Eric Mack. Before guests got the chance to make their way around the exhibition, a small group enjoyed an artist roundtable where they had the chance to ask the artists questions about things like what inspires their work and what they think is art.

After the roundtable, guests checked out the exhibit which included everything from paintings created using many different techniques to sculptures while chatting with the different artists. Guests also enjoyed a musical performance from one of the artists, Kati von Schwerin and her partner Gregor McEwan.

So there you have it, one jam-packed September at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta! See, we told you it wasn’t quiet! Did you attend any of our events? Which was your favorite?

October isn’t slowing down either – we hope to see you at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta soon!


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