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We all know the drill, we want to take up something new but don’t have the time to dedicate to it, or not as much as we’d like anyway! Well, here is your chance to sign up to learn German and only dedicate 5-weeks to it – introducing our 5-week German Language Courses:


So, we all know that German is THE language to learn right now, right? Well we would say that, being the cultural center that encourages German language learning! But really, it is! There are so many opportunities that can come from learning German, especially here in the south east! This area has some of the highest German investment in the United States, we have the headquarters of major German companies like Porsche and Mercedes Benz right on our doorstep in Atlanta, with VW up in Chattanooga and BMW out in Spartanburg the rest of the southern states aren’t looking too bad when it comes to German investment either – and that’s just the automobile world!

German investment also means jobs and having German on your résumé can instantly push you up to the top of the pile for a job with a German company! They’d much rather have someone who already speaks the language and can converse with German colleagues than someone who they have to train up!

And let’s not forget that being able to speak a second language makes you more intelligent, staves off dementia, expands your cultural horizons and, of course, opens up a whole new world of opportunity!

And why are we telling you all this? Well, so that you will register for a 5-week German language course! We have classes available for all levels from beginner to near native and we’ll throw in to the mix a cultural course and some German literature – something for everyone! But when do classes start I hear you say? Next Monday, November 7, 2016! 

Ready to register? Click the button below!

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And, if you still need a little persuasion, check out these 10 reasons why you should learn German!

We look forward to seeing you in class!


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