DON’T MISS OUT: 5-Week German Language Courses – Register Now!

Guys, our 5-week German language courses start next week and we don’t want you to miss out on the fun! So here’s a friendly little reminder to register for a class now and why learning German is a good thing!


February 13 – March 20, 2017
$190.00 members, $250.00 non-members

If you’re still thinking about whether or not you should learn German then this is for you! Join us for a 5-week German class, dip your toes in, see if you like it! We have classes for all levels available from beginner to near-native so there’s definitely something for everyone!

But, why would you want to learn German? Well, there are many, many reasons why learning German can benefit you, especially in this part of the world which sees some of the largest German investment!

Learning a second language can be so beneficial in many different ways from advancing your career to staving off dementia, it really is something that you’ll definitely benefit from! Here are a few examples:

Boosts intelligence:

It’s a proven fact that speaking a second language makes you more intelligent and who doesn’t want to me more intelligent? Students who study foreign languages tend to score better in standardized tests than monolingual students, especially in math, reading and vocabulary. Foreign language learners also show greater cognitive development in areas like mental flexibility, creativity and higher order thinking skills such as problem-solving, conceptualizing and reasoning. It boosts your memory skills and your children can massively benefit too – the younger you learn, the greater the impact on your intelligence. Children who have studied a language at the elementary level score higher on tests in reading, language arts, and math. It’s also said learning a second language can stave off dementia and keep your brain active for longer. It’s a no-brainer!

Boost your career:

Do you know just how many German businesses have their American headquarters or offices here in the South East? We’re talking hundreds people, maybe even thousands! And they’re not just little companies either – there’s VW, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes – we could go on but that could get a little boring! There are around 320 in Georgia alone. Being able to speak German could open doors you never imagined were possible in the business world. You could massively increase your pay check, be involved in international business with trips to Europe to see your German colleagues and a huge step up the employment ladder. It could even lead to expat life in a foreign land! Multiple government agencies, the travel industry, engineering, communications, the field of education, international law, economics, public policy, publishing, advertising, entertainment, scientific research, and many service sectors all have needs for people with foreign language skills – the list is endless.

Sharpen your life skills:

Learning a language can sharpen your life skills. Those who learn a language can deal with unfamiliar cultural ideas, they are much better equipped to adapt and cope in a fast-changing world. They are more confident, they learn to effectively handle new situations quickly and easily. They become more tolerant to diverse lifestyles, cultures and customs and their ability to understand and communicate with people from different walks of life is also massively increased.

Become more open minded:

Speaking a second, third or even fourth language opens doors to opportunities you never thought possible – you’ll stand out from the crowd, be able to get involved in activities you would never have dreamed of, you’ll be open to new cultures and therefore be more open-minded. Once you realize that everybody is different, we live in the same world but have different cultures and traditions, you’ll recognize the cultural base for your own attitudes and behavior and that of others around you, seeing them in a more favorable light. Seeing the world from a different perspective and understanding where you and others come from is a fantastic, eye-opening experience.

A full list of reasons why you should learn German can be found in one of our previous blog posts by clicking here.

So now you know why you should learn German, lets talk about when and where!

Here at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta we have a team of highly skilled teachers ready to take you on your German language learning journey. We offer classes that comply with European standards and offer you internationally recognized certificates at the end of your complete course. We have classes to suit all levels from beginner to near-native, and, if you’ve learnt German before but you’re not quite sure what level you are at, we offer a placement test to make sure you sign up for the right course!

Ready to sign up? Just click the link below for a list of courses and registration!

Register Now

PLEASE NOTE: When registering for a 5-week course you will be joining a previously existing course half way through the quarter.


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